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7 Speak with your Captain


Before your trip, your Captain will want to speak with you regarding:

Flight Details
He needs to know by what means, where, and exactly when, you will arrive, so that he and/or the crew may greet you at the airport with transportation to safely escort your group and your luggage directly to the yacht.
He will need to discuss your preferred itinerary, to make sure that all your destinations are included, and are possible within the amount of time allotted.
He will need to go over your Preference Sheet, to make sure that the Chef understands your food tastes and desires, to make you are aware of any items that could not be sourced for one reason or another, and to ensure that no details are overlooked.
For the period of time that you have chartered the yacht, he is YOUR Captain, and he wants to deliver your perfect charter vacation. His maritime license gives him ultimate authority over the operation of the vessel. Likewise, he is ultimately responsible for the safety and security of yourself and your guests, as well as the yacht, and her crew. Therefore, no drugs or illegal activities will be tolerated on board.
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