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8 Get Ready to Go!

Travel Documents  
Americans don’t need a Visa to enter most countries, and can travel most of the world with only a valid US Passport. But, you will want to make sure it doesn’t expire before or during your charter! Also, since there are a few countries that do require a Visa, it’s a good idea to do your homework and apply as soon as possible, to make sure you receive it in time.
What to Expect:  
The yacht will be immaculate, in full working order, and the crew will be qualified to perform their duties.
You may have as much input as you like, and the Captain will do his best to accommodate yourself and your guests. But, changes due to weather or mechanical failures cannot always be predicted, so try to remain open minded and flexible.
The crew will wine you and dine you, swim, water ski, hike, celebrate, and explore with you as much as you want! They will change your linens, wash your laundry, clean your cabins, prepare and serve your meals and drinks, set up the water toys, show you how to use them, organize shore-side activities, host creative theme dinners for you, show you fabulous secluded anchorages, help you catch fish, teach you about local customs, and show you around. They are your hosts for the week, and you can have as much or as little interaction with them as you like. But, their primary responsibility is the safety of yourselves and the yacht, so if you keep them up late every night, you may not see the same fresh smiling faces at the end of the charter that greeted you when you boarded. So, while you may want to include them in some of your activities, remember this is your vacation, not theirs, and they can’t sleep in!
APA Expenditure
The Advanced Provisioning Account is the yacht’s operating account for the time you are on board. The Captain will provide a full accounting to you anytime upon request, but at least mid-week, and then again at the end of the charter, with all receipts. If the account starts to run low, he will advise you of such in time so that funds can be transferred, since any balance due must be paid prior to disembarkation.
While the crew are employed by the yacht owner, and do earn a salary for their work, a working day from 7am until 1am, seven days in a row is 126 hours of work in a week! So, if your crew worked hard to show you a good time, and you in turn had a good time, then a gratuity will likely be expected, and will certainly be appreciated. In Europe, a good gratuity is around 10% - 15%, but in the Caribbean and US, it’s more like 15% - 20%. You can leave this with the Captain at the end of the trip, and he will disburse to the crew, or you can send funds to your Broker afterwards for onward transfer.
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