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Wackenhut Certified Background Checks
  With identity fraud rampant, and vessel values ever escalating, today more
than ever it's important to know who you are hiring.
  A Wackenhut background check is the best way to ensure this.
  Crew members - you can obtain a copy of your own report to show to our clients you are who you say you are, and that you have a sparkling clean report!  Once your background is verified, a wackenhut verification sign  will show on your on-line profile in your Client View, so our clients and Placement Coordinators will all know that you are clean as a whistle!

Clients - you can request a report on someone you're considering for hire, to make sure that you're not making a decision you'll later regret.

  How it works:
1) Download the 'Summary of Rights' - each individual requesting their
background check must read this.

2)  Download and fill out the 'Disclosure and Release Form' and FAX to
954-523-6712 - each individual whose background is to be checked MUST SIGN
this form giving Wackenhut authorization to investigate.

3) Price List - there are many different checks that can be performed,
depending on how far back you want to research.  As well, there will be additional fees to search outside the United States.

4) Pay for the report so that your Background Check may be initiated.  Once the report is received back from Wackenhut, we will e-mail a copy to the person checked and to the client who requested the report, as well as enable the candidate's account so that he/she may show interest in jobs requiring a background check.

  Additional forms that may be required:
  Employment and/or Education Verification Form - resume must accompany this request.

Department of Motor Vehicle Request Forms - certain states require additional release forms to be filled out.