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We surveyed our Chief Stews to ask "What is the most valuable time saving tip you have learned while working on yachts?"

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Always have everything ready - silver polished, napkins folded, etc


Keep cleaning supplies in each room instead of having to carry from room to room, or having to search for them


Fold napkins and sheets while ironing to save time later


Febreeze/Downy Wrinkle Release for sheets on bed or tablecloth on table to 'iron'


Iron linens on the bed if no guests on board


Set up breakfast the night before


Rainex shower doors


Store garbage bags underneath the bag in the bin


Always carry something with you when you walk from one part of the boat to another so you don't have to make multiple trips


Pre-fold napkins and store in labeled Ziplocs - ex day 1 breakfast, day 1 lunch, etc


When detailing, start at the furthest point and work your way out the door, top to floor. Mark your place with a cleaning rag if interrupted. Leave the room and re-enter to see any places you may have missed


Pull linens from dryer and iron while still damp


Buy in bulk/buy two at a time


Use starch in washer instead of spray starch


Fold towels lengthwise for storage before hanging


Add Ginger Ale to flower vase water to make flowers last

Be systematic - always do things in the same order so you get into a 'groove'

Clean wax from storm candle with warm soapy water

Clean wine glasses with steam from hot water + vinegar

DRIFT method - do it right the first time - saves time having to re-do it later

Dry stainless immediately

Have a good iron with a reservoir

Have accounts set up with vendors, preset invoices with each purveyor so you can email or fax order in and they'll have it waiting and ready for you

Heat water to boiling in the microwave to loosen dried food

Iron only the top half of the sheet, and fold with fitted sheet and pillowcases into a package so it's all set together

Keep cleaning supplies in a carrier so I know when I'm running out of something instead of checking 5-7 places

Keep fridges stocked

Keep 'preferred' condiments in the bar fridge on aft and top deck for easy access, along with proper container and serving piece

Keep some table linens in plastic sweater bags to keep from messing up others when you pull them out - also helps rotate

Keep the WC door open instead of opening an closing a million times

Make lists - always have  a pad and pen in pocket

Make wine inventory with specific locations

Place orders on phone while ironing

Put oranges in microwave for 30 seconds to get more juice when squeezing

Re-make beds as soon as guests leave

Soak napkins and table cloths in bucket of Nappy San immediately to keep stains from setting

Soak tea cups in warm water with laundry detergent to remove tea stains

Squeegee the showers before cleaning

Use 1/4 spray starch + 3/4 water in spray bottle to dampen while ironing linens

Use a dusting mitt instead of cloths, to just wipe surfaces as you go rather than separately dusting

Use a water bottle to fan the napkins

Use alcohol and water for mirrors and glass

Use Clorox wipes in bathroom

Use dishwashing detergent on stains on countertops

Use flour sack cloths for drying silver, china and crystal with no dust

Use glass cleaner for metal fixtures

Use Lavender and water spray on the beds and pull tight to remove creases from ironed sheets, gives nice Lavender scent for good night's sleep

Use plastic gloves for working with food and toilets so you don’t have to wash your hands repeatedly

Use silver dip instead of polish

Use starch in washer instead of spray starch

Use two sided tape instead of hemming

Use used towels to dry excess water from showers before cleaning properly

Vacuum walls, shelves, etc before dusting

Wrap silver in plastic wrap after polishing to keep from tarnishing