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We surveyed our Chief Stews to ask "What is the one thing you WISH you had known, before you made a BIG mistake?"

chief stew

always read garment labels before laundering.  The circle inside a square refers to tumble drying, and a slash through it means DON'T tumble dry! And if it says Dry Clean Only, then DRY CLEAN ONLY


bleach is very dangerous and should never be used - ruins clothes, eats marble, wood, and gold plate


check the laundry for objects inside pockets that don't belong (ink pens, lipstick, mobile phones, etc.)


don't wash colors with whites


don't put more than one bottle of wine in the freezer for quick chill, as you will be sorry if you forget it and the cork comes out!


be careful not to kill the 'good bugs' in the black water tank by using the wrong toilet cleaner or bleach


Agents can take care of a lot of things

always spray cleaning product on the cloth, not the surface, to avoid splattering

be careful closing mirror closet doors as they can crack

black ash from butter warmers with tea lights can get on the white carpet while stowing away

blue colored cleaner shold never be used

check the voltage of an appliance before plugging in and use an adaptor to prevent a fire

Clorox clean up (Bleach) on white carpet can turn it PINK

collect business cards - contacts are everything in this industry - keep sorted into floridsts, transport, provisioners, etc.

communicate every detail that you know -  share your info as someone else may need to know

don't allow food nor lemon juice, etc to touch marble - the acid will etch it forever

don't leave soap on marble as it will etch

don't open the door (even after knocking) until someone invites you in

don't overload the washing machine or you will break it

don't put glass bottles in the door of cheap fridges

don't re-use museum gel - doesn't hold

don't use heavy duty steel wool to take hard water marks off mirrors, can scratch

don't use razor blade on plastic mirrors

don't use scotch pad on INOX galley surface

don't use Scotch pad on Lexan shower door to clean soap scum

don't use vinegar and water anywhere near Marble or Onyx - will etch

educate then delegate

generic Museum Gel is not as good as the real thing - doesn't hold

green scotch pad can scratch granite counter tops

if soaking in bleach, cover bucket with a sealed lid and label

if you make a mistake, own up immediately, as someone may know a quick solution

just use vinegar and water for everything - other cleaners can scratch or leave oily residue

keep track of your $$$

milk gets rid of pen ink off leather

never leave an iron unattended

notice the size of the round tray before putting it in the sink to wash - got stuck!

Santa Margherita red wines come from different regions

scented sprays stain silk

Scotch Guard all clean carpets and upholstery to prevent staining

set the glasses for the table while at anchor at the last minute, otherwise, a wake can topple them

stain removers on carpet can make the carpet attract more dirt

stow items inside of the cupboards also and prevent moving around - stow for the worst weather, and hope for the best

trust your instincts when interviewing for a job - if the Captain seems disrespectful in the interview, he probably is always

use ODORLESS anti mold spray for AC vents

varnish on interior woodwork is softer than exterior, and can nick very easily

when in doubt - ASK! 

when ironing in a cabin, make sure to put down a towel or protective cover underneath, so if/when it falls over you  don't ruin something

Wink rust remover stains the stainless