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We surveyed our Chief Stews to ask "If your little sister were interested in working on yachts, what do you feel is the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT advice you could give her?"

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don't get emotionally or physically involved with anyone on board, neither guests, the Captain, nor crew (at all, right away, etc. the answers varied)


keep to your job/keep your head down/stay focused on the job/mind your own business/stay out of the drama


stay professional at all times


be polite and courteous to your fellow crew members, and respectful of your superiors, as your reputation will follow you.


be prepared to work extremely hard around the clock/pull your weight


don’t talk badly about people/gossip


listen and learn - save your suggestions until you have earned the right and respect to give your input. You won't be 'heard'.


don’t drink/fraternize with the guests - they won't appreciate you as a professional


take time out to smell the roses/take time in port/have fun


keep your mouth shut / saying less is best


develop a thick skin/don't take things personally


always ask questions if you don't understand


respect the chain of command


stay away from drugs and the people associated with them - if people see you with them they will assume you, too, do drugs. 


there is no such thing as complete privacy while working on boats


know your place/don't get too friendly - you are not a friend of the owner, you are an employee


take pride in what you do


save as much money as possible - and don't spend it like you're an owner!  You will want something someday to show for your hard work! (like a house, or a business)


talk to the person you're having a problem with - solve it like an adult, don't take it to the Captain, or worse, to the Owner


remember it is a small industry and what you did in Antigua, they will know in Antibes the next day. 


stay positive


work hard, play hard, be careful


don't chase the money - it's a hard job, so you must really want some aspect of the job - just doing it for the money will never be satisfying


always persevere

be attentive to safety in all aspects

be careful WHAT you say, and to WHOM you say it

be careful while drinking - many cases of date rape and muggings - and NEVER get sloppy drunk - it will ruin your reputation

be honest

be organized

be responsible at all times

be spatially aware

choose a great crew over higher pay

clean up after yourself

develop an eye for detail and have a high standard of cleanliness

don't eat everytime you see something delicous

don't get star struck over celebrities - every guest is a VIP and should be treated as such

don't take shortcuts to gain success

get on a charter boat - you are spending your time, you may as well make as much money as possible

keep a smile on your face

know your responsibilities/duties and research if you don't

learn to drink like a fish

list your top 5 priorities in your ideal job - if the offer only has 3 of the 5, keep looking for a better match

look out for yourself and your friends

never be late

never let a hangover impede your job performance

open an off-shore bank account

put away your cell phone during work hours

respect your chief stew, don't challenge her

say good bye to your old life and hello to your new one

sleep on breaktimes when guests are on board - you need it!  You can walk around port another time.


stand up for yourself to same level crew or they'll walk all over you

stay in touch with friends and family outside the crew -keeps you out of drama and maintains sanity

stretch or exercise every day

turn the boat around as soon as guests leave, then REST

use common sense

write down every little like, dislike or miscellaneous on your guest preference sheet, no matter how trivial it seems at the time.  Very valuable info!