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Helpful Tips for Dealing with Crew Agencies

Here at Crew Unlimited, we are not interested in the short term easy money of placing you over and over again on many different yachts within a year's time. It makes us look bad, it makes you look bad, and it discourages the yacht owner when he sees new faces each time he comes aboard. Likewise, we won't (knowingly!) work with yachts that offer an impossible work environment. What we want, and strive to present, is a win/win situation, where both parties feel like they got a better deal than they deserve. It's the key to a happy marriage, and translates to a lasting relationship.

In order to increase your chances, we have a few important suggestions:
1) Come in for a face to face interview with your Placement Coordinator.

As we have designated Placement Coordinators for each position on board, it is important for you to meet with yours in person as soon as possible, and as a reminder every 6 months. Please call or e-mail Sue Price ( if you are a Captain or Chef seeking employment, Heather Adams ( if you are a Steward(ess), Chief Steward(ess), or Deckhand, or Terry Haas ( if you are a Licensed Mate, Bosun, or Engineer.

Your Placement Coordinator is your representative to our clients, your Agent, per se. Even if you have already met, as your experience grows, you will want to come and share this with them. They will know best the details of the jobs that are available, have gotten to know many of our clients over years of service, and are best suited to advise and assist you in your search. They are also the ones who must decide whether or not you match the criteria our Clients have outlined, and whether you should be submitted to the position. So, the better you can get to know them, and allow them get to know you, the more you can trust them to steer you in the right direction, and ultimately help you find the position that is most rewarding for you, well into your future!

Please come in Monday through Friday between 9am and 1pm. No appointment is necessary. If it's not possible to meet your Placement Coordinator in person, then please do call to establish a dialogue with them, so that they will know you are committed to finding a new position, what exactly is your ideal job, and which type of positions will suit you best.


2) Keep your on-line portfolio current.

You see, our website is NOT JUST A WEBSITE. It's a Tool, a program, an interactive, internet-based, searchable DATABASE. What you're searching for is the IDEAL YACHT JOB, while our Clients are searching for their IDEAL CREW MEMBER. The information about you, as we have it listed in our database, determines which CLIENT Searches you show up on, and which Jobs you will be contacted about. For example, if you have your STCW certification, but did not 'tick' the STCW box upon registration, our database will show that you do not have your STCW certification. Therefore, if we, or a Client, searches for crew that is STCW certified, you WILL NOT MATCH the given criteria, and will not be contacted about the position. And since your whole profile is visible to our clients once you've shown interest in a position and have been submitted, it is imperative that your whole portfolio is kept up to date and current. You are in control of what information about yourself is presented to our clients, and what positions you are being considered for.

Please double-check all the data we have about you in your file, such as your address, your contact phone numbers, your e-mail address, your nationality, your Visa status, your Primary and Secondary preferred positions, your maritime license, your Ideal Position, your salary requirements, etc. Please check your Portfolio to be sure that all the files are current, up to date, and formatted nicely, so that we are submitting the most recent versions of your resume, photograph, references, etc. If we don't have digital copies of your reference letters, scan them in and upload them to your Portfolio, so that they can help support your application. Check to make sure that if you have a Team Mate, their file is linked to yours. Check to make sure that your reference contact information is correct and complete, as we use these to gather information about your prior performance and work ethic, to help us promote you to our clients.

At the end of the day, we want to present you in your best light, to help you find the best position for you. While it may seem a little impersonal, the system has been designed for higher efficiency, greater accuracy, and less margin for error on our part.

3) Check the Current Job List regularly.

Our Job List is completely interactive, not just a 'static' list that we update every couple of weeks! It's linked to our database in the office, so each time a new position comes in, it is entered into the database and is instantly listed on the web with the most recently posted positions at the top. Although we do welcome your smiling face here in the office and on the phone, more importantly, we want to give you accurate, thorough, and timely information about the positions we are trying to fill. And, since we normally have over 100+ positions available, we would be doing you a disservice if we tried to verbally tell you about all the positions. Via the Job List, you can find out exactly what's available, instead of e-mailing or calling or coming in to ask, then waiting for a response. Just read the job postings carefully, and show interest only in the ones that you would really like to hear from. (It's not the Lottery, so please don't just "tick" every box!) As soon as you have shown interest and clicked 'Submit,' your name will show up on our list of crew members interested in the position. If you match the clients' criteria, your portfolio will be submitted, and you will be notified of such immediately, since the client will then have your contact information and may contact you directly for an interview. It makes the whole search process so much more efficient, and our Clients love it, too! They know that every crew member we submit to them has read the on-line job description, is actively seeking employment, and is truly INTERESTED in being considered for their posted job! Once you see how it works, I'm sure you'll love it, too! All salary negotiation, start date, benefits, etc. are discussed between yourself and the client, and we request that you both notify us of any agreement to work together. In fact, any time you are contacted by one of our clients, we would love to hear your feedback, and the results of the contact. This will help guide us in finding just the right job for you.

4) Look your best.

Your photo should be a head and shoulders shot, smiling, and taken within 12 months. We consider it a bit dishonest to submit a photo to our clients that we know is long out of date, as it misrepresents you to them. We can take a nice photo for you here in the office, if you would like us to. In your photograph for your portfolio, when you come to interview or check in, or when you go for an interview with a potential employer, look in the mirror. Think to yourself, "Would I hire me?" Certainly you don't have to look like a model, but at a minimum we do suggest that you iron your clothes, wear a collared shirt, take off your hat and sunglasses, wash and tidy your hair, and men, shave your face unless you wear a full beard. Know that if what you're wearing is appropriate for the beach, it is not appropriate for an interview. Dress for the position you want, not the position you have!