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Please find answers to many common technical issues due to various browser and word processing technologies:

I can't Log In as Crew
Your USER ID is your first and last name as you registered, without a space in-between first and last names. Remember that you need to enter your Current Location and Availability also when you Log-in. Please make sure that you are on the CREW log-in page, and not the CLIENT log-in page!   CREW log-in is found under "JOB SEARCH".
My Interview Page won't Save my Answers
There is a security time out on this page, so if you are taking a long time to answer each question, please click SAVE after each answer, then return to the page. Otherwise, you may lose what you've typed
When I try to log in it says User Not Found
Default Internet Explorer settings, which sometimes reset after a Windows update, must be set as follows:
Open Internet Explorer
Click Tools, Internet Options
General Tab
Browsing History OR Temporary Internet Files (depending on version)
Here make sure that where it reads "Check for newer versions of stored pages" you have selected "Every visit to the page".
My resume/photo/reference won't upload to My Portfolio
Resumes must be under 1MB in size, and must have a file extension of .DOC or .PDF. And, the file must not be open when you try to upload it. Photos must be under 1MB in size, and have file extension of .JPG. To see the size and file type of your file, right click on it and select 'Properties'. If it is file type .DOCX, .DOT, .RTF, open the document and SAVE AS: .DOC since that is the default Word Document file.
Some of the menu items and buttons won't load or click for me
Our site is optimized for PC's Internet Explorer. If you are using Mozilla or Firefox, or working from a Macintosh computer, you may have difficulties.
I can't see the new job listing that you emailed me about
If you use Hotmail or AOL to access your email, the security of their login conflicts with the security of our login, so the link doesn't work. Please copy and paste the job link into an Internet Explorer address bar, and you should have no problem.
If you don't find the answer here, please do not hesitate to call (954) 462-4624 or email and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you. Likewise, if you encounter an issue that is not mentioned here, and resolved it, please help us make this document better by informing us of the issue, and what you did to resolve it.
Thank you!