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Job Function

To ensure the safety for all passengers, guests and crew onboard. Thorough knowledge, understanding, and compliance with all licensing required by IMO, MCA, USCG in regards to the crew and vessel documentation, operation, management and safety.



  1. Defining and implementing procedures, drills and equipment to be used for crew and guest safety eg: station bill, abandon ship, use of fire hoses etc.
  2. Defining and implementing job descriptions, standing orders and responsibilities for all crew onboard.
  3. Coordinating the training and sharing of resources between the departments within the vessel.
  4. Setting an example for other to follow in terms of guest interaction, behavior, social responsibilities etc.
  5. Defining and implementing policies and procedures, from crew appearance and protocol in regards to guests (knowing the boundaries of their relationship with owners and guests) to communication with contract laborers and etiquette ashore.
  6. Interaction with guests and contract laborers, maintaining a professional demeanor in all situations.
  7. Safe navigation and vessel maneuvering. Thorough chart knowledge, usage and maintenance.
  8. Excellent knowledge and skills with all wheelhouse equipment.
  9. Good knowledge and understanding of the vessel’s and crew’s liabilities and responsibilities.
  10. To research and have a thorough knowledge of customs and immigration procedures and required documentation, for the crew and vessel.
  11. Thorough knowledge of employment and charter laws.
  12. The ability to create and maintaining a budget, yacht accounting, inventory control.
  13. The ability to plan for and manage refits, repairs and maintenance etc during yard periods.
  14. Liaising with yard management in regards to pricing and quality control.
  15. To keep up with crew training requirements and developments in international qualification standards, and keeping correct and thorough records of all these areas.
  16. Organizing itinerary and dockage for cruising schedules etc.


  • Licensing as required by vessel tonnage, waters cruised and insurance required.
  • Extensive yachting or boating experience, preferably within the yachting industry.
  • Be able to work well under pressure, maintaining a calm demeanor in all situations.
  • Advanced Fire Fighting, STCW requirements.